The legacy of Lake aircraft started with David Thurston and Herbert Lindblad while at Grumman aircraft. Their design for the civilian market amphibious seaplane, the Tadpole, was never placed into production. After obtaining the rights to the design, they started Colonial Aircraft company and produced a version known as the Colonial Skimmer in 1948.

An early fan of the design was a real estate agent named Armand Rivard, who used the aircraft to reach remote locations for his real estate business. After an association as a salesman for their company, he purchased the company and formed Lake Aircraft to produce the aircraft.


Under Armand's guidance, the design was refined and upgraded with higher horsepower and more cabin capacity which became the Buccaneer.This increased its ability to fulfill more roles.

The next generation was designed in 1983 and produced both the 250/270T and SeaFury versions. The growing family of models received world-wide acclaim from such diverse groups as sportsmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and air taxi operators. This prompted the addition of the multi-mission SeaWolf, featuring hardpoints for NATO spec masts. Out of the original production by this company, there are 1300 flying in 40 different countries around the world. 


Looking closer at the aircraft itself, it's powered by a reliable Lycoming engine, Available in a normally aspirated version (IO-540-C4B5) or the Turbo version (TIO-540-AA1AD).

Factory installed vortex generators increase lift and shorten take off runs.

Owners enjoy specialized training at the factory to best benefit from the performance and safety of the aircraft.

Combining the best of its 50+ year heritage and modern features, it comes equipped with standard panel with glass panel packages also available. Interiors can be custom out-fitted to your preference, and custom designed graphics accent your aircraft for the world to see. 

Proven excellence in open water performance, the 250/270T is a perfect partner to your dreams, from it's smooth and stabilizing Deep V-hull, able to cut through rough water, to it's low cost of operation, accommodating 4-6 place seating, and customizable interiors, paint schemes and avionics. The 250/270T can fly as far as your imagination and land you at the

destinations of your dreams. 

The 250/270T is all about you and your lifestyle. It gives unparalleled access to countless locations world-wide, for an incredibly reasonable cost of purchase and operation. Performance is outstanding with an available 4-6 place interior. Take the whole family or your friends along on your adventures. Unlike standard aircraft, 250/270T owners aren't limited by access to airfields. Whale-watching along the coast, visits to mountain lakes or even a trip to a big city to see it's delights are all just a flight away. 

Colonial Skimmer


A true amphibious seaplane, designed to operate from grass fields, runways and any water body, offering unmatched flexibility to customize and specify options for outstanding suitability in it's roles.