Jeteezy is currently operating a full factory refurbishment program for all brands, specializing in the Lake family of seaplanes. Not merely an overhaul, our ability to refurbish an aircraft is unmatched. Aircraft passing through the program offer the most modern configurations, avionics and graphics available today. 

Each aircraft is taken through a meticulous inspection process as the first step of the program. Consulting with the owner, a program of upgrades is reviewed to satisfy the owner’s goals. From avionics to interiors, graphics and all points inbetween, a customized configuration is developed and then built. Owners may choose to bring their own aircraft to Jeteezy for participation in the program, or may purchase an existing refurbished model from our stock. Depending on the model, customers are able to own a fully certified, multiple passenger seaplane for less than the cost of many of the LSA amphibious aircraft in the new market. Why settle for limitations when you don’t have to?