• Deep V boat hull allowing for circular takeoff and landings.
  • Quick Change Cabin Configuration - adaptable to a multitude of roles.
  • Standby 28-volt Electrical System & Instrument Panel Bus.​
  • Pushrod Activated Control Surfaces - for positive flight control.
  • Rugged Tricycle Landing Gear with a reliable trailing beam suspension.
  • Four Underwing Hardpoints support 100kg inboard and 50kg outboard - Enabling a variety of options to include:  SAR pods, surveillance equipment of many types, disaster relief equipment or external fuel tanks and much more.
  • Used in such diverse roles as coastal surveillance, patrolling, environmental control, fisheries protection, emergency medical services, SAR, reef restoration and management, maritime & border patrol, drug interdiction and disaster relief.  



  • Fish/Wildlife/Pollution Monitoring. 
  • Research & Remote Sensing.
  • Water scooping & sample collection storage system through a light touch down for high speed sample collections.
  • ​Can be equipped with oil slick location detectors, identifying, sampling & mitigating oil slicks, including those on coastal areas & high seas.
  • May be outfitted with atmospheric testing equipment that covers the range of pollutants, contaminants & chemical warfare field dispersion measurement gear.
  • Covert or secret mission, point sample collection for monitoring & code compliance programs.
  • Management of ecosystems - flora & fauna management, coral reefs & mangroves/wetland area restoration, including cleaning up of coral areas & replanting of mangroves.
  • Ability to be paddled with engines off allowing for not only versatile maneuverability in tight & heavily overgrown wetland environments but also aides in preservation of protected areas.

  • Standby Hydraulic System.
  • Enhanced corrosion protection from pre-assembly stage to completion for the harshest salt water operations.
  • Designed to operate well in extreme conditions of temperature and altitude and also in remote areas with a minimum of maintenance.
  •  Easy disassembly for load into transport aircraft or ships for special rapid deployment in distant theaters of operation.
  • Hardpoints and NATO pylons make it suitable for an amazing array of mission profiles, from private contractors to governmental and military roles.
  • ​Ability to operate from grass, paved fields and water with exceptional short field/small water performance.​​
  • SeaWolf can dramatically reduce both capitol and operating expenditures by reducing the quantity of operations and operating time of more expensive equipment. 

The specially equipped SeaWolf is able to operate from grass fields, pavement, open seas, lakes, rivers and restricted water bodies during both night and day and in all weather conditions. This combined with it's range, visibility, maneuverability and economy, make it a cost effective aircraft for a variety of governmental roles, such as: Search and Rescue, Anti-Smuggling/Piracy, Fish and Wildlife Protection, Anti-Pollution, Law Enforcement, Maritime, Border and River Patrols, Air Ambulance, Immigration Control, Aerial Surveillance, Mapping and Photography, ASW Acoustic and Magnetic Detections, NVG Operations, Remote Sensing and Logistics, Research and Special Ops. The SeaWolf has a total flight endurance of more than 8 hours, and can achieve up to 12 hours SAR grid flight time when under-wing fuel tanks are used.

Patrol & National Defense

  • Maritime, River, Drug Interdiction.
  • Border Patrol is a multi-faceted mission that may change from repelling invaders to search & rescue in an instant.
  • Anti-Smuggling
  • Anti-Terrorism. Long flight time allows for around the clock patrolling to defend artificial islands, offshore terminals & key installations often targeted by terrorists. 
  • Piracy. The fishing industry & mariners at sea are more easily defended by aircraft already on location, than land based aircraft that must be prepped and flown into area.
  • Special Operations.
  •  NVG Operations.
  • ASW Acoustic Detection. 
  • Powerline/ Pipeline/ Facilities Patrol.
  • Aerial & Remote Mapping/ Photography & Surveillance.
  • ​Remote Logistics.


Under development is a multi-fuel powerplant option

Showcasing the Seawolf, from VIP to Military, and even Special Operator roles, The SeaWolf offers an outstanding set of features, unmatched in reliability and cost of operation.

The SeaWolf is the perfect solution to fulfilling your missions on time, on budget and more cost effective than any other system available.


A favorite of governments and private contractors, the SeaWolf is more than seaplane, it is a Multi-mission capable amphibian based on over 50 years of production and refinement, delivering superior performance in a large variety of roles. Please contact us for information regarding our refurbished fleets.